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Meet Rebecca Rusch

Female pro mountain biker, Rebecca Rusch, has called Sun Valley her home for more than a decade. Prior to settling, Rusch was a bit of a nomad traveling the West in search of the perfect mountain town. “I spent time in a lot of great places, but nothing felt like home until I arrived here,” recalled Rusch in a recent interview. “It was love at first sight and I never left. Since then, I’ve built a business, host local events, joined the Ketchum Fire Department, bought a home and have become a devotee of all things Idaho.”

Today, you may frequently find Rusch ripping up the world-class single track of her hometown, but she hasn’t always been an avid mountain biker. In fact, Rusch has only been mountain bike racing for eight years and was introduced to the sport through adventure racing where friends coined her the Queen of Pain for her immense tenacity.

She admits the mountain bike sections of the adventure races were her least favorite part. “Somehow my weakness and nemesis became my main sport once I got a bit of skill and a better bike,” explained Rusch. It was that turn of events, which also inspired Rusch to create the SRAM Gold Rusch Tour a few years ago.

The Tour aims to get women outdoors and on their bikes in a fun, social and non-intimidating way. Rusch claims even as a pro mountain biker she still found herself intimidated by a lack of equipment knowledge and skills. “I figured if I was feeling this way as a pro athlete, a ton of other women probably felt the same way, and I wanted to change that,” Rusch remembered. “The Tour is all about making riding more accessible and fun for women and growing the female cycling community.”

The 2014 Ride Sun Valley Festival features an all women’s bike mechanic and enduro skills clinic led by Rusch on Friday, June 27th. Rusch will start by focusing on a bike safety checklist, which should be assessed before every ride. Technical components such as suspension adjustment for height and weight, tire pressure, handlebar controls and common trailside maintenance will be explained. Then, the clinic will head to the dirt where participants will be guided through the lower switchback section of the Scott Enduro Cup presented by GoPro Sun Valley racecourse and have the opportunity to discuss race pacing, strategy and course details.

Participation in the clinic is free and open to the public. Women looking for a little more coaching can also participate in Reba’s Ride Camp June 30- July 5.

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