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Niner Fox Trot 40 Recap & Results

The Niner Fox Trot 40 Cross Country Race gave racers nearly 40 miles of pedal-to-the-metal Sun Valley mountain biking with 7,960 feet of elevation gain and sweeping views of the Sawtooth National Forest.

NWETZEL_8754A grueling off-road climb thinned riders out, pushing the leaders of the pack to the front. Harriman Trail was technical and rugged, “but you knew the fun part was coming at Osberg’s Ridge,” said Cary Smith, 47 of Jackson, WY, who finished second in the men’s pro/open division. “They did a great job cleaning up the trails after the fire. The reroute work was high quality and really added to the race experience.”

2015 Fox Trot Champion Rob Squire, 26 of Salt Lake City, UT, once again finished in first with a time of 03:06:05.156, followed by Smith at 03:13:33.662 and Will McDonald, 32 of Park City, UT, at 03:15:41.761.

NWETZEL_8728In the women’s pro/open category, Parker Tyler (03:50:22.6), 26 of Salt Lake City, UT, finished in first place with an impressive 10 minute lead over two-wheel legend and world champion, Rebecca Rusch (04:02:36.4), 47, who was followed by Carri Wullner (04:12:20.291), 41 of Jackson, WY.

Tyler, a former collegiate nordic ski racer and now heart valve engineer had this to say about today’s race—”It was a really good race, really hard, but good. The downhill portions were super fun. The wildflowers were insane and perfectly placed on the hardest hills. When I was in the pain cave and ready to vomit, all of the sudden I would get distracted by the awesome flowers.”

On beating Rusch, Tyler said: “She is seriously my hero. I think she is one of the most incredible cyclists out there so even competing with her was a real honor—even just hanging out with her was an honor. She crushed it out there.”





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